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Towards Eating Sustainable - Anne Le More

After a long career in diplomacy, Chefs4theplanet CEO & co-founder Anne Le More is now committed to helping everyone eat more sustainably, with an optimistic but realistic view of the future of world food. A key issue in a context of population growth, in the face of an agri-food sector that still has a high impact on the environment.

Generation 2030's commitment to entrepreneurs stems from a sincere belief in the creative capacity of youth. This youth, of course, we wish to see them blossom, accomplish themselves, in a healthy and stimulating environment.

Proudly assuming our French side, we can't think of a better way to thrive than...on a full stomach!

Unfortunately, having a full belly is not a given, let alone a lasting one. By 2050, there will likely be nearly 10 billion of us on our good old Earth. 10 billion mouths to feed, in a context of climate disruption largely linked to human activity.

These issues, they are at the heart of concerns for world leaders, but also for Anne Le More, co-founder and President of Chefs4thePlanet, a platform that connects prestigious chefs to make them ambassadors of "better eating".

After a long career in #diplomacy, Anne has notably been named a UN 'champion' for the World Summit on Food Systems in September 2021 in New York.